Based in, California


Artist Note: 

"I can’t put a time when I became an artist. Was it when my favorite part of camping was painting on rocks when I wasn’t even in school yet? Was it when my mom told me I was? Was it after my first portrait? Or the first piece sold? The scary question to ask: am I an artist yet? The pieces I make represent a realm of stories and feelings that play in my head, and while I wish I could say each painting or print has a deep meaning, the truth is I just wanted to create something that emulates things of beauty. Old, new, ink, color, women, men, abstract, or real. I enjoy the glamour in diamonds and the simplicity in lilies. I tear up at people embracing and how big the sky is. To recreate them with my own hands? What a humble gift I’ve been given." 

Ms. Monroe.
Warm Summer.